For new designs it is recommended to use the SIG102.

The SIG61 is a smart I/O slave IC controlled by a SIG60 as a master. The SIG60 reads and writes over the power line the SIG61 I/O pins. Four ID pins define the SIG61 device slave address

Up to 16 SIG61 devices can operate as slaves controlled by one SIG60 master

The SIG61 I/O pins are controlled remotely by 5 types of command messages: Read, Read-change, Write, Sleep and Change-Frequency. A Write command from a remote SIG60 Master device is reflected to the eight SIG61 output pins. A Read command from the Master device triggers the SIG61 to send the status of its eight input pins.

Few external components are needed for its operation allowing small footprint PCB. The SIG61 is an economical slave device for applications as controlling motors, reading sensors etc., eliminating the need for dedicated control wires and a host controller for its operation. It reduces the harness size and increase reliability.

A sleep mode enables power saving. Wake-up messages on DC line awaken remote devices.

The SIG61 is useful for a wide range of Automotive, Avionics and Industrial applications such as sensor readings, actuator activation, doors, seats, mirrors, climate control, lights, Truck-Trailer, etc.



SIG61 internal function blocks

The SIG61 consist of a narrow band modem, designed to operate in noisy environments. The receiver listens over the power line for commands from its Master SIG60 . If the decoded command checksum is correct, the SIG61 extracts the ID, Command and Data byte.

If the received ID matches its own ID, the SIG61 process  the detected command. A Write command cause the data part of the command to be directed to the corresponding 8 output pins. A Read command cause the SIG61 to respond towards the master with a message containing its 8 input pins status.

Typical Schematic

logo         SIG61 Message Generator
ID Command Data Byte (Hex)
  Msg To SIG61    


  • Noise robust UART / LIN over battery power line I/O transceiver.
  • Seven selectable carrier frequencies.
  • Selectable bit rates between 9.6 Kbit/s to 115.2 Kbit/s.
  • Operates as a stand alone node.
  • 8 output pins and 8 input pins.
  • QFN 64 pins package
  • Sleep Mode for low power consumption


  • Consumer electronics internal network.
  • Avionics sensor - actuator bus.
  • Vehicle sub bus for doors, seats, mirrors, climate control, lights etc.
  • Electrical vehicle battery management
  • Controlling LED network


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