A private fabless SME company incorporated in 1994

Since its foundation, Yamar specializes in the technology for communication over noisy DC power lines, targeting reduction of wires thereby reducing cost and weight, increasing reliability and more as required by the automotive, aerospace and industrial companies.

Yamar’s professional team developed the SIG and DCB ASIC families of devices for UART/LIN/SPI/I2C/CAN communication over noisy power lines.

The devices are in full production for many automotive, aerospace, lighting, agriculture machinery and industrial customers across 51 countries.

Yamar is ISO9001 certified



During the project, Yamar developed communication over power line between Truck and Trailer that enabled redundant CAN link over the existing ISO standardized power cable connecting the truck and trailer. In addition, the trailer’s back-lights operated by the DC-BUS.


Yamar developed a power line communication link between avionic modules over noisy DC power lines and demonstrated a power line smoke detectors network replacing eight CAN wires with 2 power lines.


Yamar developed modem network for Space launcher, simplifying the communication between the rocket stages.

Our Approach

Yamar aims to provide DC-BUS based solutions for mass markets, therefore the solutions have to be reliable and at a competitive price.

From its foundation, Yamar worked closely with leading car manufacturers to develop optimized solutions for their need. It proved to fit many other industries..

Today, Yamar is active in Automotive, Aviation, Consumer Electronics, Security, Space and even Toys. Common to all these applications is the need to reduce the number of wires.


"Sophisticated Simplicity" is our motto. We believe that our technology has to be reliable, robust to noise and at low cost, as well as simple to integrate by customers.

We know that adapting new technologies is hard enough, this is why we design our products using industry common interfaces (such as, UART, LIN, SPI and CAN), avoiding the need for new or complex protocols.
The semiconductors we design require few external components.

Yamar activity contributes to worldwide cleaner environmental challenges

Copper wires are expensive, heavy, increase fuel consumption, increase greenhouse gases emission, difficult to handle and unreliable.

Reducing vehicle weight decreases the CO2 emission and fuel consumption. Furthermore, copper wires are difficult to recycle out of car's body.