The DCAN500 evaluation board performs CAN communication over DC power lines at CAN Host bit rates up to1Mbit/s. The board contains the DCAN500 device, its protection network, and a switching power supply for the 3.3V.

CAN over power line evaluation board

The DCAN500 Evaluation Board (EVB) allows testing the DCAN500 device in a system. Multiple DCAN500 boards can communicate over vehicle’s DC power line using the CAN protocol.

The EVB contains all the required hardware for its operation such as a line protection network, passive filter and a 10V to 36V switching power supply.

The board performs the CAN protocol over DC power lines at CAN Host bitrate up to 1Mbit/s. The EVB may be connected directly to a CAN host (CAN-Controller) through its J1 Host I/O connector.


The received CAN message signal from the DC line passes through a protection network to the DCAN500 device. The DCAN500 IC receives the analog signal, demodulate it into CAN message and transfer it through J1 HDO pin to the external CAN controller.

At the transmitter side, the external CAN controller sends a CAN message to the DCAN500 device via J1 HDI pin. The message is buffered into packets, modulated and conducted over the DC power line.


  • Interface using the CAN A/B bus protocol.
  • On-board 10V to 36V PS for 3.3V supply.
  • Plug & Play solution with EVB-Tester and DC-BUS Test SW.
  • CAN Host Bit rates of up to 1Mbit/s.
  • CAN arbitration over the powerlines.
  • 251 selectable carrier frequencies.
  • Built-in Modem, Error Correction and Synchronization.
  • Replace the CAN bus control wire.
  • Allows flexible network designs.
  • Sleep Mode for low power consumption.


  • Battery Management Systems [BMS].
  • Adding a redundant CAN channel.
  • Replacing existing CAN bus wires


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