The SIG60 power line transceiver is capable to transfer any number of UART protocol bytes over the DC power lines at bit rates up to 115.2 Kbit/s. The IC operates both as a master or as a slave in a network of multiple SIG60 and SIG61 devices.


The SIG60 IC device communicate over DC battery power line using UART protocol bytes at bit rates up to 115.2 Kbit/s.


The device simply interfaces with any UART / LIN port of any micro controller (ECU). The power-line is used for both power and data communication, thus eliminating the need for special wires for carrying control or data.


The SIG60 uses a unique multiplex digital signaling technology that overcomes the power line noisy environment. The small footprint integrates most of the analog components needed for its operation. A capacitor interfaces the SIG60 signals to the power line.


The device has a sleep mode for power saving, where its power line sensing allow wakeup from messages imitated by other devices. The SIG60 device can interface directly to a LIN host, hence eliminating the LIN transceiver.


The SIG60 can reach bit rates of up to 115.2Kbps allowing to increase the LIN bus bit rate of up to 5 times faster than a traditional LIN network.


The SIG60 is byte oriented IC device.

Each byte that is entered to the device is modulated by a unique signaling modem and conducted via capacitor over the power line.

At the receive side, the byte is decoded and output to the external host after a fixed delay of 3.5 bits. any number of bytes can be transferred. It allows the user to define its own message protocol.


  • Robust UART / LIN communication over the power lines.
  • Seven delectable operating frequencies.
  • UART bit rates between 9.6 Kbit/s to 115.2 Kbit/s.
  • Can be 5 times faster than LIN network
  • Operates as Master or Slave in multiplex network.
  • Multiple networks may operate over the same power line.
  • Eliminates the UART / LIN bus wires and transceiver.
  • Sleep Mode for low power consumption
  • Small size 28 pin QFN package.


  • Consumer electronics internal network.
  • Avionics sensors - actuators bus.
  • Transmit UART or LIN over the power line.
  • Vehicle body control - doors, seats, mirrors, A/C, lights etc.
  • Electrical vehicle Battery Management System [BMS]


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