This test program monitors and measures the DCB1M/SIG100/SIG102/DCAN500/DMX250 communication performance over DC power line. Supplied as part of the EVB Tester boards.


The DCB1M/SIG100/SIG102/DCAN500/DMX250 Test program modes of operations are:

  • BER Mode - Transmit and receive test pattern and perform BER measurements over fixed carrier frequency.
  • BER Sweep Mode - Transmit and receive Test pattern and perform BER measurements over total of 251-carrier frequencies selection.
  • Data Mode - Transmit and receive data in Hex or ASCII formats.
  • File Mode - Transmit and receive a File.
  • Logging of BER statistics and data.
  • Device register configurations (read and write operations).


  • Plug & play DCB1M/SIG100/SIG102/DCAN500/DMX250 evaluation solution
  • Operates exclusively with the EVBs Tester via its USB port
  • Simple to operate GUI
  • Conntrol the DCB1M/SIG102 registers
  • Compatible with all Windows versions


Provided free with EVB Tester boards