The SIG100 evaluation board (EVB) enables plug & play evaluation solution of a network consisting of multiple SIG100 devices over the DC power line.


The SIG100 EVB contains all the required hardware for device operation such as a line protection network, filter, 16MHz crystal, and a 3.3V switching power supply. The board is a physical layer of the UART/LIN protocol over DC powerlines at data rates of up to 115.2kbit/s. The SIG100 may also be used as a new physical layer to the LIN protocol. The EVB connects directly to a UART/LIN controller (ECU) through its TX and RX pins connected to HDI and HDO pins in the Host connector. The EVB block diagram is depicted in the Figure below.


At the transmitter side, each data from the ECU transferred to the SIG100 on HDI pin. The SIG100 process each data byte and modulate it on the selected carrier frequency on TXO pin that drives the DC powerline via the protection network and coupling capacitor.

At the receiver side, the received data signal from the DC powerline passes through a protection network into the SIG100 device. The SIG100 decodes the data and output it on HDO pin of the Host interface connector.

The built-in switching power supply provides the 3.3V voltage required for the SIG100 operation. The power supply operates in a wide input voltage range between 10V and 36V. The EVB current consumption is in the range of 30mA depending on the supply input voltage (powerline voltage).

The SIG100 internal registers, as described in the SIG100 datasheet determine the EVB operation conditions such as carrier frequency, bit rate, etc. When HDC signal low the data is directed as a command, allowing WRITE-REG and READ-REG to/from the SIG100 internal registers (see SIG100 datasheet).


  • Supports UART/LIN a Master/Slave over the powerline.
  • Plug & Play solution with EVB-Tester and DC-BUS Test SW.
  • On-board 10V to 36V PS for 3.3V supply.
  • Noise robust operation.
  • 251 selectable carrier frequencies.
  • Bit rates between 9.6 Kbit/s and 115.2 Kbit/s.
  • Eliminates the UART/LIN bus control wire.
  • Sleep Mode for low power consumption


  • Consumer electronics internal network.
  • Avionics sensor - actuator bus.
  • Vehicle LIN BUS for doors, seats, mirrors, climate control, lights etc.
  • Electrical vehicle battery management
  • Controlling LED network


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