The Arduino UNO and MEGA DC-BUS shields enable seamless interface with Arduino UART serial port for data over power line communication applications

Arduino DC Powerline communication shield

The DC-BUS Arduino shields for powerline communication (PLC) allow multiple Arduino boards to operate as a UART/LIN/DMX network over their already existing 12V powerline.

Yamar's DC-BUS powerline transceivers interface seamlessly with Arduino's UART port, allowing plug & play data over power line (PLC) solutions for any application.

The SIG100 device for UART communication up to 115.2Kbit/s and the DCB1M device for UART up to 1.4Mbit/s are integrated on UNO and MEGA 2560 shield boards


  • Arduino UNO V3 PLC Shield
  • Arduino MEGA 2560 V3 PLC Shield
  • Supports UART/LIN/DMX protocols
  • On-board LDO for 12V to 3.3V supply
  • On-board LIN transceiver
  • On-board RS485 transceiver
  • User control digital Inputs
  • Robust communication over 12VDC power line
  • 251 selectable carrier frequencies
  • Built-in error correction codes for the harsh channel conditions
  • Hard-coded 48 bit UUID.
  • Sleep Mode for low power consumption