Yamar developed unique modulation and algorithms for DC power line communication over noisy channels, implemented in low cost semiconductors.

The IC devices proved to be reliable and simple to use due to the commonly used UART, LIN, CAN, SPI protocols.

Innovative technologies

Utilizing the DC-BUS IC devices

Signaling over power line

Modulation technique allowing robust byte oriented communication

UART communication over DC lines

Using UART protocol for robust byte transfer

Multi-channels over single cable

Multiple independent networks (CAN, LIN, UART, SPI protocols) communicate over single power line.

Message communication over noisy channels

Using narrow band modulation for message communication protected with error correction codes.

Technology description

Signaling modulation is based on combinations of multiple phase shifts. It proved to be reliable over noisy power lines networks. The UART communication solution allows even single byte to be transferred on noisy channels.

Multiple networks communicate over single power line allowing simultaneous operation of LIN, CAN and SPI networks, each using different carrier frequency.

Target applications

The technology is designed for the unpredictable communication behavior of power lines such as in vehicles, airplanes, LED networks, industrial, and more.

The DC-BUS technology was mainly designed for DC power lines, our customers are successfully using it over their AC power lines.

InnoTruck project (Example)

The InnoTruck project conducted by Prof. Gernot Spiegelberg uses Yamar’s power line communication technology for its lighting operation.