The PC Test software tests the SIG60 /61 communication performance using provided USB interfaces


The SIG60/61 test software and its SIG60 USB PC interfaces together with SIG60/61 evaluation boards are the evaluation environment of SIG60 DC-BUS system. One SIG60 evaluation board with its USB interface generate predetermined test messages. These messages are modulated over the DC power line. At the receiving side, a SIG60 evaluation board receives these messages, transfer them to the PC via the USB interface. The DC-BUS Test software analyze the received messages, measures the communication bit error rate and display the results on the PC screen.

The program modes of operations are:

  • Transmit and receive data in Hex or ASCII formats
  • Transmit and  receive Test pattern and perform BER measurements
  • Set the SIG60 operating parameters
  • Command remote SIG61 slave devices (only with the USB-SIG60 interface)

The SIG60 USB interface supplied with the test program has also stand alone capabilities to generate test messages, saving the need for a PC at the transmitting side. When not connected to USB cable, the USB interface analyzes the SIG60 received messages for byte errors that activates its LED. It is a useful tool for quick testing and specially useful in EMC chamber tests.


  • Evaluates the SIG60/61 DC-BUS technology.
  • Perform BER measurement of a DC-BUS system.
  • User custom data transfer over the powerline.
  • Full control of internal SIG60/61 registers.
  • Allows remote control of SIG61 salves IOs using powerline LIN commands.
  • Compatible with Windows 7, 8, and 10.
  • Supplied with two PC-USB interfaces.
  • Simple to operate GUI.


Two SIG60-61 PC-USB interfaces + SIG60-61 Test program $300


  • Money transfer to Yamar's bank account
  • Credit Card (Visa/MC/AMX) + 2.7%