The Problem

Wires in vehicles are heavy, complex, hard to install and to maintain and are very expensive.

Reducing wires is  a strategic goal of the automotive industry. The use of CAN bus and LIN bus did not reduce the amount of wires in vehicles due to the increased demand for data transfer between vehicle's modules.

The Solution

Devices that merge data over the power distribution bar using the existing CAN and LIN protocols. The devices withstand automotive EMC/EMI requirements at cost competitive to the cost of the wires it replace. It can reduce the vehicle's from 2 Km to 200 m.

Truck Trailer Communication

Communication between truck and trailer has many applications such as monitoring the trailer cargo identification, ABS, sensors, etc. 

The ISO standard cable between truck and trailer has only one CAN bus wires. Adding more cables is not practical. Using the power line wires to transfer additional CAN and LIN bus information provide many possibilities such as Fault tolerant CAN operation. Even if one of the twisted pair lines are not functioning still CAN bus will operate.

The CAN over power line enables Fleet management companies to add its own communication without interfering to the vehicle data flow.