The DMX250 allows multiplex DMX512 & RDM communication networks over the powerlines, eliminate the need for an RS485 transceiver.

DMX512 powerline transceiver

The DMX250 is a transceiver designed for DMX/RDM network communication over the Power line. The device operates at a speed of 250Kbit/s. It eliminates complex cabling and RS485 transceivers and simplifies installation.
The DMX512 messages over the power line are error protected and modulated using narrowband frequency. Up to eight independent DMX/RDM networks (universes) can operate in parallel on the same power line using different frequencies.
A single capacitor couples the device to the DC power line. A simple high voltage interface (external) allows operation over AC power lines.


The DMX250 building blocks are divided to the following blocks:

  • Protocol handling - Interprets the DMX512 & RDM protocols.
  • CODEC block -  encodes/decodes the DMX/RDM data.
  • Modem - phase modulates and demodulates the data to and from the DC-BUS powerline. including unique powerline Arbitration capabilities during RDM discovery process.
  • Sleep Control-  ensures low power operation during sleep mode. The device sense the bus for short period to detect possible wake-up messages from other devices connected to the power line.
Eliminating the DMX cables is simple!

The DMX250 device act as a transparent DMX512/RDM powerline transceiver.

Remove the DMX cables and the RS485 transceivers, connect the DMX250 HDI and HDO pins with your ECU and you are ready to go.

If no direct access to your ECU is possible, a back-to-back RS485 transceiver connection with the DMX250 device is applicable.




  • Robust communication over DC or AC power line.
  • Supports DMX512 and RDM protocols.
  • 251 selectable carrier frequencies.
  • Built-in error correction codes for the harsh channel conditions.
  • Unique powerline Arbitration capabilities for RDM discovery process.
  • Up to eight DMX networks (universes) sharing the same powerline.
  • Hard-coded 48 bit UUID.
  • Sleep Mode for low power consumption
  • Small size design.


  • Seamless interface to DMX & RDM controllers for smart lighting control.
  • Eliminates complex DMX cables.
  • Redundant powerline network.


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  • 1 - 49                       €7.56
  • 50 - 99                     €6.30
  • 100 - 999                 €4.98
  • 1000+         Contact Us


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