The Problem

Airplanes are fully loaded with heavy and long wires. Eliminating part of these wires increases the aircraft efficiency, fuel consumption and reliability.


The Solution

Significant amount of wires in an aircraft are used for passengers comfort and safety. Using DC-BUS for seat control eliminates multiple wires.

DC-BUS sub network implemented in passenger seats, control all the seat functions using single DC power line.

Redundant Smoke detectors network for airplanes

One airplane application developed during the Scarlett project is a redundant Smoke detection network over the DC power line.

Multiple smoke detectors are communicating with a Master unit with two CAN networks (for redundancy).

Yamar provided the same communication over the DC power line replacing bulky wires and connectors.

Cutting the power line at one point does not stop the communication since the data will continue to flow via the complementing power line branch.