Semiconductors that Save Wires

The Problem

Wires are bulky, heavy and unrelaible.

Reducing copper wires is a strategic goal of car-makers, aerospace framers and even smart cities lighting designers.


The Solution

Power Line Communication

Yamar’s DC-BUS innovative family of transceiver devices merge data/control lines over DC power lines to establish reliable multiplex UART, LIN, CAN-bus and SPI networks, addresses the EMI/EMC requirements.



DC-BUS devices for power line communication

SIG Family

UART and LIN transceivers over DC power lines at a maximum speed of 115.2Kbit/s using the unique signaling technology.


DC-BUS devices for power line communication

DCB Family

CAN, UART, SPI, I2C, DMX & RDM transceivers communicate over DC power lines at bit rates up to 1.4Mbit/s using the DC-BUS technology.



Aerospace DC-BUS communication applications
DC-BUS devices reduce control wires in airplanes
Monitoring Li-Ion batteries over its high voltage power line
Powerline communication in Automotive
DC-BUS devices merge LIN, CAN networks over power line
Using power line communication in white goods
AC/DC power lines used to convey data within white goods products
DC power line communication in industrial applications
Lighting, airconditions, charging ... networks over power line


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