Tester for the new generation DCB1M/SIG100/SIG102/DCAN500/DMX250 EVBs

EVB Tester

This DC-BUS evaluation board (EVB) Tester is a tool for quick evaluation of the new DC Power line communication devices and EVBs. Upon power-up, the EVB Tester configures its connected EVB to the desired operation parameters according to its switches (Frequency, coding, etc.). The EVB Tester generates test messages that are conducted by its connected EVB over the power line. At the receiving side, the EVB Tester analyzes the received test messages and indicates error events. The EVB Tester can interface via a USB port with Yamar's DC-BUS Test program for advanced tests.  An optional DC Powerline Attenuator enables performing communication tests over-controlled channel attenuation level.



The EVB Tester has three modes of operation;

Standalone mode - Upon power-up, the tester configure the connected DC-BUS EVB for its operation parameters. When Tx switch is On, continuously generate test messages. In receive mode, the tester analyze the received messages and feedback on error events using an indication LED.

PC Operation mode - The tester is connected to a PC via USB cable. The PC Test program enables BER statistics measurement, advanced testing, and device settings control.

Transceiver mode (Optional) - Enables interfacing with an existing LIN-BUS, CAN-BUS or RS485 BUS through on-board transceivers.


  • Transmit test messages
  • Receive and analyze test messages.(Indication LED output).
  • Configure the operating parameters of the connected device (frequency, bit rate, modes)
  • Transmit test messages sequentially over all frequencies range (Auto cyclic frequency sweep).
  • Manual access to the internal registers of the connected device(read and write)
  • Transmit/Receive user custom message.
  • USB Interface to PC Test Program


  • $150 (with free PC SW)


  • €150 (with free PC SW)


  • Money transfer to Yamar's bank account
  • Credit Card (Visa/MC/AMX) + 2.7%