The SIG102 with its eight configurable I/O pins allow remote sensors reading and activating actuators over the power line. It is useful in applications such as controlling motors, lights, read sensors, etc.

SIG102-IO over power line transceiver

The SIG102 network consists of one SIG102 device operating as a master, controlled by any ECU via its UART port and up to 255 SIG102 remote slaves. The SIG102 master remotely controls other SIG102 Slaves IOs ports over the powerline and locally controls its own IOs ports.


The SIG102 operates in Master-Slaves network of multiple SIG102 devices over a selectable carrier frequency between 5MHz and 30MHz. Multiple independent networks may operate over the same power line by selecting different carrier frequency for each network.  Each device has eight configurable IO pins.

If the received ID matches its own ID, the SIG102 process  the detected command. A Write command forwards the data part of the command to the corresponding configured output pins(PWM/Digital). A Read command cause the SIG102 to respond towards the master with a message containing its configured input pins status (Analog/Digital).

Two alternate frequencies are pre-defined for fast hoping using FREQ_SEL[1:0] pins, when the communication fails on the main frequency.

Sleep mode provides low power operation.

 Network of Master - Slave(s) SIG102 devices example.




  • UART powerline transceiver
  • Eight configurable ADC/Din/PWM/Dout pins
  • Noise robust UART / LIN over battery power line transceiver.
  • 251 selectable carrier frequencies.
  • Selectable bit rates between 9.6 Kbit/s to 115.2 Kbit/s.
  • Operates as a stand alone node (slave) and a master.
  • Hard-coded 48 bit UUID.
  • QFN 48 pins package
  • Sleep Mode for low power consumption


  • Consumer electronics internal network.
  • Avionics sensor - actuator bus.
  • Vehicle sub bus for doors, seats, mirrors, climate control, lights etc.
  • Electrical vehicle battery management
  • Controlling LED network


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  • 1 - 49                       €7.25
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