DCB1M Modem

1.3Mbps SPI/UART network over Power Line technology.



  • Robust communication over DC or AC power line.
  • Bit rates of up to 1.3Mbps.
  • Variable error correction codes, to match the channel conditions.
  • Multiplex CSMA/CA mechanism .
  • Supports UART, SPI protocols.
  • Sleep Mode for low power consumption
  • Small size design.


  • Audio and Video streaming.
  • Sub network for Internet of Things.
  • Data transfer over powerline
  • Redundant powerline network.
  • SPI sensor BUS
  • Security networks.

DCB1M Modem

The DCB1M CSMA/CR multiplex communication modem over noisy wires such as vehicle’s DC Powerline, at speeds of up to 1.3Mbps using the UART or SPI interfaces. The DCB1M is based on DC-BUS™ technology for network communication between modules sharing a common DC or AC powerline. It avoids complex cabling, saves weight, and simplifies installation procedures. The device supports UART and SPI communication protocols, enabling the user to use his preferred application protocol. The technology is implemented in small size logic that can be ported into any FPGA or ASIC, allowing it to be an economical Ineternet of Things (IoT) sub network.


DCB1M internal blocks

The DCB1M is divided into the following main building blocks;

  • Protocol handling block, interprets the host protocol.
  • Transmit and Receive internal FIFOs, each has 128 bytes, providing a buffer between the host and the DC-BUS powerline.
  • CODEC block, encodes/decodes the data according to the channel protection selected.
  • Modem block, phase modulates and demodulates the data to and from the DC-BUS powerline.
  • CSMA/CA mechanism allow Carrier sense and arbitration capabilities to the device
  • Sleep mechanism, ensures low power operation during sleep mode. During Sleep mode, the device wakes up for short period of time to detect possible wakeup messages from other devices on the powerline.



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