Renewal Energy

SIG60 and DCB1M transceivers manage Renewal energy cells such as solar panels and Li-Ion batteries over the powerline eliminating complex wires.

The efficiency of Photo voltaic system consisting of multiple solar panels can be improved significantly by optimizing the working point of each panel. Using the powerline communication, the central energy management unit reads each panel performance. Based on the gathered information, the central management unit instructs each panel to operate at a working point that will provide the highest system energy performance. Although the solar panels are connected serially, still Yamar’s devices communicate on such high voltage lines. Power inverters cause significant impulse noises on the powerline, but the SIG60 devices overcome these interfering signals.

Solar panels
Using DC-BUS in solar panel system

battery management over powerline
Battery Monitoring System over powerline

High voltage battery packs consist of a large number of individual rechargeable cells, in addition, Li-Ion Battery requires constant management of each cell SOC SOH. As such, they are extremely expensive and their tight management is of crucial importance. The picture on the right, describes a way to employ the DC powerline as the medium for communicating data and commands reliably between the multiple individual cells and the main electronic control unit. Using Yamar’s devices saves all these expensive wires and simplify the BMS construction.

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