DCB1M Test Software

Use PC as a UART Host for testing DCB1M evaluation boards.


  • Includes two USB PC interfaces
  • Simple to operate GUI
  • Full control over the control registers
  • Allows quick control over the different CODECs
  • Compatible with Windows XP and Windows 7,8 and 10

  • Evaluate the DCB1M performance.
  • Testing the performance of a new product.
  • Preforming BER measurments

DCB1M Test Software

The DCB1M Test program measures the DCB1M communication performance over the power line. Two USB interfaces are provided with the test software. The USB PC interface plugs directly on top of the DCB1M evaluation board.

 The program modes of operations are:

  • Transmit and receive data in Hex or ASCII formats
  • Transmit and  receive Test pattern and perform BER measurements
  • Set the DCB1M operating parameters
DC-BUS Test Software GUI


  • 1 CD + two USB-PC interfaces               $300


DCB1M USB Interface The DCB1M USB Interfaces between the DCB1M EVB and a PC via its USB port.
DC-BUS Attenuator The DC-line Attenuator attenuates between 0 to 61 dB the signal between two devices, emulating real communication channel.


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