SIG60/61 Test Program

Use your PC as a UART/LIN Host for testing the SIG60/61 evaluation boards.


  • measure communication performance
  • Full control of internal SIG60 registers
  • Allows sending SIG61 commands.
  • Compatible with Windows XP and Windows 7, 8 and 10.
  • Supplied with two PC-USB interfaces
  • Simple to operate GUI


  • Evaluating the SIG60/61 DC-BUS technology.
  • Testing communication performance over power line.
  • Preforming BER measurements of a system Control a SIG61 board using an RS232 or USB Port

The DC-BUS PC Test software provides an easy way to evaluate the performance of Yamar’s Power line communication of the  SIG60 and SIG61 devices. Using the PC as a host allows the user to set up a DC-BUS system with out the need to write a code. The DC-BUS Test software can be used either to test the DC-BUS communication performance using the SIG60 or SIG61 Evaluation boards (EVB) as the tested devices. Or, it can be used to verify a new assembled board by using an already proved Host.

The test software controls its SIG60 device via the PC, either by a RS232 interface or by a USB interface (The USB interfaces are provided by Yamar).

The program modes of operations are:

  • Transmit and receive data in Hex or ASCII formats
  • Transmit and  receive Test pattern and perform BER measurements
  • Set the SIG60 operating parameters
  • Command remote SIG61 slave devices (only with the USB-SIG60 interface)
DC-BUS Test Software
DC-BUS Test Software GUI

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  • 1 CD, + two PC-USB interfaces               $300


  • By money transfer to Yamar's bank account
  • Via PayPal by adding 4% PayPal fee.
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