DC BUS Technology

Yamar developed the unique DC-BUS power line technology for economical multiplex power line communication networks. Many devices can be attached to the power line that provides both power and information. The DC-BUS devices attached to the power line network can be used to transfer Data, Voice, Music and Video signals. Yamar’s power line communication technology was specially designed to transfer digital data over power lines providing Direct Current (DC) battery power. Such power lines are used in vehicles, airplanes, LED networks and more. Even though that the DC-BUS technology was first designed for DC power line communication, some of our customer are successfully using our technology to communicate over AC power lines. Yamar’s power line communication technology allows multiple independent networks operating over the same power line, using different carrier frequencies.

Yamar has succeeded to deploy advanced digital power line communication with unique modulation technique, tailored to overcome noisy environment in a small size silicon device. The simple UART and LIN interfaces enable customers around the world to successfully integrate the DC-BUS devices into modules utilizing their own application in endless number of applications ranging from Toys to Aerospace.

Prof. Gernot Spiegelberg explains Yamar’s power line communication in InnoTruck project

Articles about the DC-BUS technology

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