Industrial Applications

Wide range of industrial applications benefit from the SIG60 and SIG61 powerline modem devices. The simple UART interface allow users to tailor its own protocols to fit thier specific  application. Some of these applications are listed below;

Industrial powerline applications

Lighting – Modern lighting devices with powerline communication change the traditional lighting in buildings as well as deployment of sensors network. The DC/AC-BUS controls individually multiple lights, sensing of temperature, smoke detectors, motion sensing etc over single powerline. It can actuate and control each light fixture intensity and color, while reading status of sensors attached to this powerline.

Charging – Battery operated electrical equipment use the DC charging cable to transfer the Battery State Of Charge (SOC) via the powerline, eliminating extra wire.

Robotics – Communication between the moving parts of robots is performed over the DC cable used to power the motors and sensors. It reduces the number of cables. A signal wire can control all the robot’s arms.

Agriculture machinery – Simple data link between tractors and its attached agriculture tools add new control functionality to these tools.

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