DC Power Line Communication Transceivers Save Wires 

Yamar’s technology for UART, LIN, CAN bus communications over DC power line reduce harness size in automotive, aerospace,  lighting and industrial networks.

Yamar provides semiconductor devices that merge data wires into the existing power line to establish multiplex UART, LIN, CAN bus networks providing reliable communication over extremely noisy wires. Furthermore, it enables multiple networks to communicate over the same powerline.

The copper wires in vehicles contains 40-80 Kg of copper wiring, over 2 Km in length. these wires are expensive, heavy, increase fuel consumption and CO2 emission, difficult to handle, difficult to recycle, and unreliable. As such, reducing wires is a strategic goal of carmakers, aerospace framers and even smart cities infrastructure designers. Wires in vehicles are divide into 2 types, power lines and in-vehicle control + data communication lines.

DC Ppower line Communication transceiver devices applications

The DC BUS power line communication semiconductor devices (ICs) save harness weight, size, space and increase the communication reliability. The devices are used in automotive, aerospace and industrial lighting applications. The SIG60 devices are flying  in commercial Airplanes.

ISO started standardization activity under ISO/AWI 17987-8 for new physical layer of LIN over DC powerline (DC-LIN)

DC-BUS Products
DC-BUS Applications
DC-BUS Technology

The SIG60 power line communication devices are used in more than 50 countries.

The SIG60 devices simple to operate UART interface allow customers can use the UART / LIN protocol, or tailor their own protocol, according to their specific application. This simplicity was proven by multiple applications in many fields.

DC-BUS Advantages

  • Save wires.
  • Lighter cables weight.
  • Reduce cost.
  • Increase vehicle’s fuel efficiency.
  • Increase reliability.
  • Simple to use (UART).
  • Decrease installation time.
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