UART, LIN, CAN over DC power line communication transceivers save wires in automotive, aerospace, lighting and industrial networks

DC BUS power line communication innovative transceiver merge data/control lines with the power lines to establish reliable multiplex UART, LIN, CAN bus networks over the power line. Furthermore, multiple networks can communicate over the same power line using different carrier frequencies. Unique modulation techniques mitigate with power line noises. Reducing copper wires is a strategic goal of car-makers, aerospace framers and even smart cities lighting designers. . Read more about the technology

The SIG60 semiconductor devices save harness weight, size, space and increase the communication reliability. The devices are used worldwide in automotive, flying in commercial airplanes and in industrial lighting applications. Read more

Yamar presented in Embedded World power line communication applications from AutoKabel – new vehicle power distribution architectures, Hella – sophisticated tractor lights and Jaykay – Electric longboard, all using the SIG60 devices.

ISO work group ISO/AWI 17987-8 is standardizing the LIN over DC power line (DC-LIN) new physical layer. Read more

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