About Yamar Electronics

The Company

Established in 1994, Yamar has been developing unique AC and DC-BUS multiplex power line communication [PLC] technology and semiconductors. Our aim is to reduce wiring, save on weight, cost, and space wherever harness cables are used. We are experts  engineers focusing on innovating and improving our PLC technology to help our costumers have the best PLC solution.

By now, Yamar has customers in more than 34 countries, using our devices in many versatile applications.


In Yamar’s Lab

Our Approach

Yamar is aiming to provide a solution to the mass markets, this requiers to come up with a solution that not only works but also will be at the right price. From the begining Yamar has being working closely with leading car manufacturers to develop optimized solutions for their needs. Since then, other industries have also discovered the benefits in Yamar’s technology in reducing wires in their applications.

Today, Yamar has various projects in the fields of Automotive, Aviation, Consumer Electronics, Security, Space and even Toys. Yamar participated in the SCARLETT 7FP European program for second generation Integrated Modular Avionics directed by Thales, Airbus, GE and others, providing its DC BUS powerline communication networks to save harness. Before that, Yamar participated in the SPARC European 6FP program directed by Daimler providing redundant CAN BUS powerline communication network between truck and trailer and back lights control without dedicated harness.


Sophisticated simplicity, that is our motto, we believe that our technology should not only be robust to noise and at low cost but also simple to integrate. We know that embracing new technologies is hard enough, this is why we design our devices to interface to commonly used interfaces (such as, UART, LIN, SPI and CAN) without the need for new or complex protocols. The IC harware solution requires few external components.

DC-BUS modem small board

Small size SIG60 modem device

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